Hitting the wall never looked so good.

Custom Designs

BONKGEAR apparel is inspired by and supports a healthy lifestyle through athletics. Our designs include a variety of popular exercises and themes that incite particular pride or recognition by avid athletes and newcomers alike. The fabrics and cuts are chosen to be comfortable and functional workout gear for any training.

Please contact us for any details on creating custom designed gear for your team, event, workout group, gym or military unit. We can work with you to pick the right shirt and develop a design that is right for you.

BONKGEAR is proud to be a Veteran owned business and equally proud to support our service men and women. We have created some unique MOS and unit specific designs and would appreciate the opportunity to work with any unit in any branch of the service to develop something for you.

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  • Event
  • Bootcamp Class
  • Military Unit
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  • Fire Department
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