Hitting the wall never looked so good.

About Us

BONKGEAR originated in the heart of an athlete, adventure racer and designer. Our founder and lead designer created custom shirts for his team at a local endurance race and received such interest in them he decided to design a line of shirts focused on popular training themes.

BONKGEAR realizes that good design and great gear can give an athlete style but we also wanted to provide substance to your training by providing the means to strengthen and grow as an athlete. In conjunction with talented, professional and experienced trainers, we expanded our vision to provide high quality, motivational and customized workouts. We have bridged the gap between organized and casual training, providing customized and tailored workouts at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer or coach.

BONKGEAR will continually push our limits providing elite training opportunities to our members through technology, great apparel and insights into the market place. Our site will become your home base for all fitness needs through our workouts, videos, products and applications connecting you to community events and supporting you on your journey for a healthy lifestyle.

BONKGEAR is proud to be a Veteran owned small business. We are inspired to live and promote a healthy lifestyle through athletics and strive to bring that commitment to BONKGEAR every day.